Have You Met Miss Jones?

I have been practicing for almost 3 months. I am making some progress. It takes me much longer to learn a tune nowadays, but I can still learn. I have read that people who play musical instruments are constantly increasing synaptic function in the brain. So playing music is good for you. So, here is … Continue reading Have You Met Miss Jones?

Allora Paris Series Tenor Sax

My Review of Allora Paris Series Tenor from Tony Tate on Vimeo. The Allora Paris Series Tenor Saxophone A little over a month ago I purchased the Allora Paris Series Tenor sax not knowing a lot about it. I looked for videos on YouTube but none that really demonstrated the horn very well. Now I'm certainly … Continue reading Allora Paris Series Tenor Sax

Mastering your Gifts

A person's gift will make room for them, and bring them before important people (Prov 18:16 my paraphrase). I was listening to an interview that Kirk Whalum gave at Loyola University Forum. He talked about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately; this gift of musical talent that he and I and many … Continue reading Mastering your Gifts

Trying to Get into Sax Shape

I have had my new Tenor Sax for about a month now. I have been practicing about every other day or so. I have been working on scales, some long tones, and doing a little bit of jazz improvisation. It is happening slowly but the muscles of my embouchure are strengthening. I am no longer … Continue reading Trying to Get into Sax Shape