All The Things You Are

I am still enjoying myself for the most part. I say that because I am still having some back pain which sometimes makes it difficult to handle the weight of the saxophone. Anyway, this is another tune I'm relearning. It is called All The Things You Are, written Jerome Kern. It originally appeared in a … Continue reading All The Things You Are

Vandoren V16 A9

Small Chamber mouthpiece So when I bought my new alto sax, I also bought a new Vandoren mouthpiece with it. V16 A9 small chamber. I had bought a V16 T9 for my tenor sax, and I am constantly impressed with the sound I am getting out of my tenor. So, of course, I figured I … Continue reading Vandoren V16 A9

Allora Paris Series Tenor Sax

My Review of Allora Paris Series Tenor from Tony Tate on Vimeo. The Allora Paris Series Tenor Saxophone A little over a month ago I purchased the Allora Paris Series Tenor sax not knowing a lot about it. I looked for videos on YouTube but none that really demonstrated the horn very well. Now I'm certainly … Continue reading Allora Paris Series Tenor Sax

Mastering your Gifts

A person's gift will make room for them, and bring them before important people (Prov 18:16 my paraphrase). I was listening to an interview that Kirk Whalum gave at Loyola University Forum. He talked about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately; this gift of musical talent that he and I and many … Continue reading Mastering your Gifts