Hello Again

Well it has been a while since I've posted here. If fact, it has been a while since I have practiced on a consistent basis. When I started working last march it got harder and harder to practice. Then I began getting stressed out at work, eventually quitting just a few months ago. In the  … Continue reading Hello Again

Motorcycle or Saxophone

  Wow! I had not realized how much I like motorcycle riding. On April 23, 2014, the final drive shaft on the bike broke. I think it was a little over 3 years before it got repaired. As a gift for Christmas in 2017, my children's mom and husband had the bike repaired for me. … Continue reading Motorcycle or Saxophone

The Vandoren Metal V16

Trying out the V16 Vandoren Metal mouthpiece. from Tony Tate on Vimeo. I really thought I had shared this video a long time ago. Somehow I uploaded it to Vimeo and forgot about it. The privacy settings were set so that only I could see it. I don't know what the reason was. So here … Continue reading The Vandoren Metal V16

Tower Of Power

Have a listen. I think you will like this. "It All Comes Back," A song by Tower Of Power, with Lenny Pickett, 1993. Another band I was introduced to by my high school band director was Tower Of Power. They are a band that features a full, very tight, badass horn section! And at that … Continue reading Tower Of Power

Follow-up Doctors Visit

Tomorrow I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who performed my carpal tunnel release. I am going to have to explain why I did not follow his directions about not unwrapping my hand. It is not infected and it seems to be healing very well and very quickly. The reason I unwrapped it is … Continue reading Follow-up Doctors Visit

Ravi Coltrane

It seems like there are billions of saxophone players in the world. Some are like me, just a novice. And then there are those saxophone players that are just brilliant. I just ran across another seriously bad dude. You may know his father, John. I'm sorry I am late in this discovery. Most of you probably … Continue reading Ravi Coltrane