My Hand Hurts Like Hell!

It has been nearly two weeks since my carpal tunnel surgery. Up until today, I have not had that much pain. But boy is it turned on now! My hand hurts like hell! I am hoping it will be better when the doctor removes the stitches on Wednesday. In fact, I hope that I can … Continue reading My Hand Hurts Like Hell!


No complaints from the doctor about removing the bandage from my hand. And no complaints from me about my hand. I haven't had much pain at all. They gave me some exercises to do in order to help the healing process. My hand is still a little swollen, but not terribly. I am already able … Continue reading Healing

About Using Real Book

I recently read an article on, called Why You Shouldn't Be A Real Book Player. Basically, the article talks about the difference it makes when you learn a tune by ear from a record vs. having a book with written music and chord changes in front of you. The author makes the case that … Continue reading About Using Real Book

Mastering your Gifts

A person's gift will make room for them, and bring them before important people (Prov 18:16 my paraphrase). I was listening to an interview that Kirk Whalum gave at Loyola University Forum. He talked about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately; this gift of musical talent that he and I and many … Continue reading Mastering your Gifts