Practicing The Boring Stuff

I am looking forward to practicing today. I am in the process of memorizing 24 songs I have worked on for over a year. It is important to me to be able to play many of the jazz standards. Usually, from what I remember, at jam sessions, it is usually jazz standards being played. Apart … Continue reading Practicing The Boring Stuff

Challenge Accepted

I hated challenges when I was a kid. And I don't like them anymore as an adult. But in life we always face challenges. And most of the time challenges make us better when we finally overcome them or at least give our best effort. In my case, I love the thing that challenges me … Continue reading Challenge Accepted

Trying to Get into Sax Shape

I have had my new Tenor Sax for about a month now. I have been practicing about every other day or so. I have been working on scales, some long tones, and doing a little bit of jazz improvisation. It is happening slowly but the muscles of my embouchure are strengthening. I am no longer … Continue reading Trying to Get into Sax Shape