Carpal Tunnel Surgery Today

Tomorrow morning I go in for surgery on my right hand for a carpal tunnel release. It has gotten to the point that all my fingers hurt, including my thumb. Soon I will have to have the left one operated on as well. I should not have waited so long to have it done. I … Continue reading Carpal Tunnel Surgery Today


Carpal Tunnel & the Saxophone

I don't know how it could look so normal and be so damaged. Yesterday I made the mistake of forcing myself to practice for a couple of hours. You see when I ice my wrist all the tingling and pain stop for a while. Then I'm tempted to do things that really irritate carpal tunnel. … Continue reading Carpal Tunnel & the Saxophone

Practicing The Boring Stuff

I am looking forward to practicing today. I am in the process of memorizing 24 songs I have worked on for over a year. It is important to me to be able to play many of the jazz standards. Usually, from what I remember, at jam sessions, it is usually jazz standards being played. Apart … Continue reading Practicing The Boring Stuff