Shaggin’ On the Cooper

I played an actual gig last night! Shaggin’ On the Cooper is a spring/summer event with a variety of bands to provide music for dancing on the Cooper River of Charleston, and other locations in the area throughout summer. The band, Hot Peppers were the first band of the season and I was right there with them.

The band played very well and kept the dance floor packed throughout the night. I did a lot of playing. My lips are actually sore. It has been a long time since I’d played a gig. The last time I did was 2007, the year I got out of the Navy. I played Jacksonville Landing with a band called Hipp Street. They were mostly retired Navy musicians. After that, I pretty much quit playing. I was tired of it.

So, Hot Peppers is the first band I’ve played with in almost 12 years. It was a lot of fun last night. I fell right back into the groove of the live band scene. The only difference was the pain level I was dealing with. Throughout my time with the Navy, there was always some amount of pain. They worked us hard. But last night was a different level of torture. At times I could barely stand. That was the case with many of the players in the band. You see, I am the youngest member of the band, and I’m 56. So pain is known by all.

As I said though, good times were had by all. Mostly by our dancing audience. They loved the band. They danced for a good long time. It was a nice night, a little windy, but not terribly cold. The event host, Charleston County Parks, provided the band with drinks, keeping us hydrated and were very gracious.

I hope to see you out there the next time we play. If you’re in the Charleston area when we play again, come on out. We’ll be the guys with the Tylenol bottles in our pockets. 🙂

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