My Broken Saxophone

My precious Allora Paris Series Tenor Sax is broken! The left-hand thumb rest detached from the saxophone. I don’t know why it came undone, or what type of glue was used. It looks like an easy fix though. I will either do it myself or take it to the local repair guy in town because I also need my neck re-corked. And I have no experience re-corking a sax neck.

Saxophone Maintenance

I don’t remember how often I had to have my saxophones serviced in the Navy. I don’t think it was a lot though. I have had my Tenor for almost 2 years now. I have played it a lot. Maybe it’s time.

I can understand the cork on the neck tearing or ripping. I have shoved several mouthpieces of different sizes onto that cork. But I really don’t understand the thumb rest coming off. I remember someone who commented on one of my YouTube videos. They said that the thumb rest had come off of their Allora sax also. At the time I had not had mine for very long. I was surprised to hear that his thumb rest had come off.

Now my thumb rest has come off. The horn seems to be so well made. I’m hoping that this is the extent of the malfunctions and failures. Of course, the saxophone didn’t cost very much. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of buying a higher quality instrument. I’m thinking about the Yamaha YTS-62, which I played in the Navy before they started buying the Yamaha Custom horns.

I probably should have gotten the Yamaha in the first place but they cost a little over double what I paid for the Allora. I was trying to save money. But buying another saxophone, well, I feel like I made a dumb mistake. Yamaha is a quality horn. Selmer is also an option and a great horn. It cost even more than the Yamaha. At this point, I can’t justify buying another horn, but when I do it will be Yamaha. If I didn’t know Yamaha was a great sax one might think I was making the same mistake again by not getting the Selmer. But I have preferred Yamaha over Selmer since the first time I played one in 1994.

The minor repairs I need are not a reason to run out and buy another saxophone. It will have to be on it’s last leg for me to break down and get a new one.

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