More Gigs

I had another gig on May 2 with the Hot Peppers, in North Charleston. We played at the North Charleston Senior Center. It was some sort of middle of the day dance or art appreciation or something. It was a short performance. We only played from 3-4 PM. The audience seemed to have a good … Continue reading More Gigs


Don’t Like The Drake

Recently, I bought a mouthpiece from a company out of Texas, Drake Mouthpieces. I bought the NY Jazz Tenor model. I had heard such great sounds from reviews on YouTube. However, after a couple of mouths with it, I don't think I like it; at least not what I'm getting out of it. It sounds … Continue reading Don’t Like The Drake

Shaggin’ On the Cooper

I played an actual gig last night! Shaggin' On the Cooper is a spring/summer event with a variety of bands to provide music for dancing on the Cooper River of Charleston, and other locations in the area throughout summer. The band, Hot Peppers were the first band of the season and I was right there … Continue reading Shaggin’ On the Cooper

Mouthpieces, Saxes, & Practice

Yesterday I received a new mouthpiece for my tenor sax, and another one today. I know, right? More mouthpieces. Well, it happens, especially when you can't get your shit together. Your embouchure is weak and you can't seem to get the sound you want, and on it goes until you finally decide to put some … Continue reading Mouthpieces, Saxes, & Practice

Scrap Iron

For some reason I have always found the blues hard to navigate. The tunes are usually pretty simple, easy to hear, yet, I can't do without hitting some crap notes. I try to do a lot of listening. Especially to tunes that feature sax players doing what I cannot. I'd like to share a tune … Continue reading Scrap Iron